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Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities

Informa Life Sciences produces over 3000 conferences a year world-wide. Our speaker faculty is made up of highly respected industry professionals, senior politicians, key regulators and management gurus in all business sectors.

The benefits of speaking at an Informa event are manifold:
• Peer-group recognition as a leader in your field
• Raising your individual or company profile within your industry
• Elite networking opportunities with other industry leaders and regulators
• Association with a quality conference addressing a dynamic aspect of industry change pinpointed through our intensive market research

If you feel that you could make a valuable contribution, we would like to hear from you. Email ryan.thomas@informa.com  +44 (0)20 7017 5836
Your message will be forwarded to the relevant division, and a Conference Producer will contact you to discuss the opportunities available for a suitable conference in your field.

A programme may be spot-on, but an expert panel of speakers is what is needed to make a conference work perfectly. Our speakers include senior representatives from the world's biggest and most forward-looking organisations - experts in their various fields. One thing they have in common is that they are speakers at the forefront of their industry. It is their experience, which gives our conferences the edge.

A large part of our research time is invested identifying those individuals and organisations that can best provide the market with real and beneficial insight into the hottest issues of the day. Our conferences continue to be successful and well-received because the agenda for each and every Informa event boasts a just such top panel of speakers.

Just as extensive research with the market is the key to formulating a topical and must-attend programme, so it is research that is the most important factor in identifying speakers that people most want to hear from. You tell us what you need to hear, and who you want to hear it from - and we put together a conference which reflects exactly what you want.

In order to ensure that we address issues of great importance for the benefit of everyone within an industry, Informa gains the commitment of key players within the market, whether they be corporate practitioners, advisors, regulators or expert commentators. Drawing upon a wealth of practical experience, our speakers are specifically chosen to confront and solve the problems and challenges that the market faces. If our speakers are popular, then so are our conferences. So, what makes a popular speaker? What do delegates look for?
• well-recognised organisations and industry leaders
• senior and high calibre of speakers: innovators, leaders and decision makers
• something more than just theory: practical experience
• case studies, case studies and more case studies!
• a truly independent presentation
• a coherent and interest-grabbing presentation
• professional support of audio-visual aids and documentation

To ensure that our speakers meet the high expectations the market has come to expect from Informa conferences, each invitee is carefully evaluated. Speakers who have proved popular in the past are obviously a good place to start, but it is imperative to avoid putting together a panel consisting entirely of the same old speakers year after year. To keep our events fresh and exciting, new presenters with innovative ideas within their specialist field are constantly sourced.

Perhaps the most responsive part of our research is the follow up on speaker recommendations that you suggest to us. This could be an individual that you have heard speak before, an organisation that has a particular expertise, or someone you recognise as being a specialist in a particular area.

Once a speaker has accepted a speaking opportunity, it is our job to ensure that they adhere to the agenda and outline of the presentation that was the result of our extensive market research - in short, what you told us you wanted to hear. At best, an outline that strays from the researched agenda can fail to answer the specific questions you have raised, at worst it can degenerate into a sales pitch from a service or product supplier. Equally unacceptable is a revised session, which repeats an earlier presentation.

This is the criteria we use for identifying and screening potential speakers, and producing programmes which reflect the markets' needs and concerns; and this is why we consistently augment our programmes with a hand-picked assembly of expert speakers. As a result, senior industry professionals and practitioners are very happy to work with Informa, because they know that the calibre of their fellow presenter and of their audience will be of a consistently high standard.

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