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Sponsorship & Exhibiting

Over the past 30 years Informa Life Sciences has been identifying and creating genuine business opportunities for organisations of all types which lead to real sales and signed contracts.

Our success is based on our client-focused approach, in that we develop our activities to meet your business objectives. There are no "off the shelf" packages available from Informa Life Sciences - we take a consultative approach designed to satisfy your communications needs completely.
Before telling you about the events and research we have planned, we need to understand your current objectives, the audience you are trying to reach, your product and service offering and your preferred means of communicating your expertise.

Why Sponsor A Conference?
There are five principal reasons why our clients sponsor Informa conferences:
• To raise their profile and corporate image in a specific market or field
• To actually meet with key contacts from major target organisations
• To support new product/service developments and major launches
• To develop strategic alliances and joint ventures
• To recruit new staff to their firm

As our Sponsorship solutions are individually tailored, you can be sure that every pound of your marketing money is directed to the areas of greatest opportunity. If your emphasis is on profile-raising and promoting particular business successes in an industry area, sponsorship with our events is ideal. We will develop a sponsorship programme that ensures your company's brand and key information is placed in front of as many key targets, and as often as possible.
Alternatively, your aim may be to reach just 5 key people that you find it difficult to get through to via the traditional routes. Recently, we arranged a private meeting room for a client and managed to arrange for informal meetings with 16 out of the top 20 people that they wanted to see (these people were specifically invited to the event by Informa). The client had signed two contracts within two weeks of this event with more opportunities on the way. Informa did all of the work, the client reaped all of the benefits.

Sponsorship Components

A typical sponsorship programme could include any of the following elements:
• High profile pre event marketing
• At venue branding exposure
• Speaking
• Chairing
• Advertising
• Cocktail Parties
• Lunches
• Gala Dinners
• Champagne Round Table facilitation 
• At event surveys
• Pre event research
• Post event research
• Exhibiting
• Product demonstration
• Product launch
• Private meeting facilities
• Workshop session

While Informa prides itself on the intellectual value delivered by our conference programmes, we do recognise the value in giving people a time and a place to relax, discuss the day's events and network in general, away from the conference sessions.

Our conferences has a networking "Exchange" area, where the delegates register first thing on each morning of the conference, and are served tea and coffee and, in many instances, lunch during the regular scheduled breaks. Evening Cocktail Receptions are often also held in the exchange area.

There are limited opportunities at all our events to take an exhibition space in this area. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products or services to our captive and uniquely senior delegate audience over the course of two days.
We can help you win business in our exchange areas

The Exchange Area forms the central networking point at all our events. Situated adjacent to the conference rooms, the Exchange ensures that you have the opportunity of meeting every single attendee at the conference. It will also provide you with an ideal place to meet any individuals at a later stage the event.

To find out more about the speciality tailored opportunities that you can use to promote your company at one of our events, please contact Kirianne Marshall on kirianne.marshall@informa.com  +44 (0)207 017 7129